WATCH: DOH's new vaccination ad is incredibly catchy


Posted at Apr 21 2017 08:51 PM


The Department of Health (DOH) found a fun way to remind Filipino moms to have their children vaccinated, ahead of this year's World Immunization Week, set to begin April 24.

It involves a group of five men doing their best impression of a heartthrob in the vein of classic boy bands like The Backstreet Boys, all-white garbs reminiscent of the late-90s craze, and a catchy jingle with the chorus line: "Bring your baby back to bakuna."

The clip ends with a message from Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial, in line with the theme of World Immunization Week, a campaign of the World Health Organization that aims to raise awareness about the importance of immunization across ages.

It was uploaded on the Facebook page of one of regional offices of the DOH, which also, earlier in the week, posted a folksy-ad about the importance of developing a habit for cleanliness.