'Judge China by its actions, not by its promises'

Mverick Pesigan, ABS-CBN News

Posted at May 11 2018 05:27 PM

'Judge China by its actions, not by its promises'

The Chinese army has installed anti-ship and air-to-air defense systems on outposts in the South China Sea also claimed by Vietnam and the Philippines, according to US military intelligence.

If confirmed, it would mean that Chinese President Xi Jinping broke his own promise in 2015 not to militarize its artificial islands in the South China Sea, acting Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Carpio recently said. 

"China has just broken that promise by installing long-range anti-ship cruise and anti-aircraft missiles on these artificial islands," Carpio said. 

"Filipinos must judge China by its actions, not by its promises of friendship to the Philippines," he added. 

Carpio urged the Duterte administration to protest China's installation of missiles, saying this was necessary to preserve the Philippines' sovereignty and sovereign rights over the disputed waters.