For Lent, Hot Star comes up with crispy large fish

Joko Magalong

Posted at Mar 04 2016 01:03 PM

Can't eat meat? Try the Crispy Large Fish, shown here getting torched. Joko Magalong, Contributor

MANILA -- There are now new ways to enjoy Hot Star's famous large fried chicken as the Taiwanese chicken shop recently introduced new glazes for its bestselling dish.

The global chain, which now has nine branches in the Philippines since it opened its first restaurant at Blue Bay in Pasay in 2014, has also come up with dishes ideal for the Lenten season.

Hot Star's signature chicken chop, whose average length is 12 inches, is made using a unique filleting technique with a special marinade. The chops are fried to order, ensuring crispy breading and juicy meat inside, and come in three variants and various sauces.

The “original” is fried with a crispy breadcrumb crust, while the “crispy” has a light batter. Both can be enjoyed with the unlimited gravy.

BBQ glazed and torched chicken chop. Joko Magalong, Contributor

The “glazed and torched,” on the other hand, gets either the original or crispy treatment with the addition of a glaze or sauce, and is then torched. This method gives the chicken chop an unbelievably crusty breading like a Korean fried chicken glaze but with more caramel notes from the torching.

Hot Star also has several glazes to choose from. The BBQ flavor is always a sure bestseller – brown and glistening, with deep caramel and peppery notes.

Other glazes to try include the Sweet and Sour, which is mildly sweet; and the Red Hot sauce for those looking for some spice.

Chicken Cut Up with spaghetti. Joko Magalong, Contributor

If a chicken chop that’s as big as your face is a bit too much for you, there’s also the Chicken Cut Ups, which can be availed crispy style or original with rice, or with Hot Star's Filipino-style Spaghetti.

Another must-try, if you’re not going for the chicken chop, is the BBQ Chicken Skin. The chicken skin is skewered and fried and given the glazed treatment with BBQ sauce. This ideal as something to munch on, or even perfect with rice.

BBQ Chicken Skin. Joko Magalong, Contributor

There are also other interesting sides, such as the sticky rice, which similar to the Chinese machang, sweetish and filling with pork bits.

For Lent, Hot Star is offering a fish burger -- crispy fish fillet in a bun with honey mustard sauce and lettuce and served with fries. You can ask for them to drizzle with chili powder for some additional oomph.

Fish burger. Joko Magalong, Contributor

There is also the Crispy Large Fish, which is best enjoyed with the Sweet and Sour sauce.

While Hot Star doesn’t offer delivery, customers often take out the large chops to bring at home, as they sometimes have a dedicated takeout counter in shops.

Hot Star also announced that it is soon opening a new branch at Fishermall in Quezon City.