WATCH: Francis Libiran, partner exchange vows


Posted at Mar 20 2017 12:05 PM

MANILA – Top fashion designer Francis Libiran and businessman Christian Mark Jacobs were pronounced “husband and husband” during their “celebration of love” in Boracay last week, as captured in a video by Jason Magbanua.

Wearing matching blazers, Libiran and Jacobs were seen dancing and sharing a kiss in a ceremony attended by relatives and close friends, including celebrities such as Kaye Abad, Tim Yap and Robin Padilla.

The two also became emotional as they exchanged vows.

“The world may not always be for us, but my world will always be you,” said Jacobs.

Libiran, on the other hand, said: “You are my shield, my armor, my fortification, my defense. In you I find security, peace, hope and love.”

Jacobs, an American, ended his vows by speaking in Filipino: “Ikaw ang aking puso, ang aking mahal, at lagi kang akin lamang.”

Watch their video below.