Marco Polo's Lung Hin marks Chinese New Year with new dishes

Angelo G. Garcia

Posted at Feb 15 2018 05:54 AM

MANILA -- Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's premier Chinese restaurant, Lung Hin has added a slew of new dishes in time for the Chinese New Year. 

The award-winning Cantonese restaurant promises new innovative dishes with the same premium quality it is known for. Executive chef Terry Lai, who has an extensive experience in the restaurant and hotel industry in China and Hong Kong, created unique dishes that are still rooted in Cantonese cuisine. 

In 2016, the restaurant was awarded as one of the most oustanding Chinese restaurants outside of China at the China Hotel Industry Goldern Horse awards. 

Peking duck with osmanthus jelly on a potato chip. Photo by author

One of the new dishes on the menu is the Peking duck with osmanthus jelly on a potato chip. 

This hors d'oeuvre uses a slice of roast Peking duck on a square of osmanthus (a flower used to flavor teas and food) jelly on a piece of crisp potato chip. The jelly acts like a mint gel, adding a fresh flavor to the duck. 

Another is the pan-fried grouper fillet with truffle oil and sugar peas. It's a no-fuss breaded fish fillet dish with an additional flavor kick from the truffle oil. 

Then there are the more traditional dishes like the steamed shrimp dumplings with gold leaf and the sauteed tiger shrimp ball in supreme chicken stock. 

A Cantonese meal is not complete without a bowl of meticulously made soup. The double-boiled chicken with red dates and wolfberry soup is very traditional when it comes to technique and flavors. 

Double boiled chicken with red dates and wolfberry soup. Photo by author

Also, the pan-fried crispy egg noddle with prawn balls and minced pork is a new variation of a classic stir-fry noodle dish. 

Pan-fried crispy egg noodles with prawn balls and minced pork. Photo by author

On the other hand, the braised South African abalone with Hong Kong dried sausage and waxed meat fried rice is one of its more luxurious dishes. Abalone, known for its expensive price tag, is a perfect fit for a Chinese New Year meal celebration.

Braised South African abalone served with dry Chinese sausage and waxed pork fried rice. Photo by author

Speaking of the coming Lunar New Year, Lung Hin also offers celebratory and symbolic dishes traditionally served in Cantonese cuisine. One is the yu sheng or the prosperity toss. Yu sheng is a salad served in the beginning of the meal. 

Yu sheng or prosperity toss is a traditional Chinese New Year dish that symbolizes luck and good fortune. Photo by author

Lung Hin's salmon yu sheng uses raw salmon, fresh and pickled vegetables, crispy fried wonton wrappers, peanuts, and sesame seeds, tossed in a sweet and tart plum sauce. 

The idea behind the toss is each person on the table helps toss the salad. The higher the toss the more luck one gets. 

A Chinese New Year meal is not over until the nian gao is served. Popularly known as tikoy, the restaurant offers several flavors including the fish-shaped Double Happinese Koi Nian Gao in two flavors, orange and coconut. There's also the traditional round nian gao with choice between ube or brown sugar flavors.