A family's worst nightmare: saying goodbye to the girl who loved Hello Kitty

Vincent Go

Posted at May 06 2017 11:57 AM | Updated as of May 09 2017 12:14 PM

Grace Nelicio, the older sister of Nercy, shows the media a post from the Obando Police station Facebook page. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

On April 19 the body of a girl wearing Hello Kitty socks is found at the Eusebio Funeral Homes in Malabon. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The body and the unmistakeable socks obviously points to 16-year old Nercy Galicio. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

On April 21, Nercy's wake is held in their house along the Navotas River. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Friends and family adorn Nercy's casket with Hello Kitty stickers, toys and balloons. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Nercy had an almost obsessive liking of everything about the cartoon character. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Grace said her younger sister loved all things about the character and shows her collection at their home. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Members of the group called Hello Kitty Riders, which shared Nercy's liking for the cartoon character, pay their last respects to Nercy on April 27. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Friends and neighbors line up to bid Nercy goodbye as her funeral procession leaves their neighborhood on April 30. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Hello Kitty Riders escort the funeral procession to Nercy's final resting place. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Friends and family wear shirts and carry Hello Kitty items as they bid goodbye to Nercy. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Nercy's young niece grabs her photo to kiss her auntie goodbye. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The funeral procession arrives at the Navotas City cemetery where many other victims of unresolved killings are buried. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

The family of Nercy views her for the last time before being laid to rest. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

Images of the cartoon character accompany Nercy in her final resting place. Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News

MANILA - Nercy Galicio was just 16, cheerful, restless and adventurous like any other teenager her age.

On April 17, Galicio she went on a joy ride with a friend on a borrowed scooter. She never came home.

Worried, her family began searching, asking her friends, checking police stations, even the morgue.

Two days later, the family received a message from a friend who had a lead on where Nercy may be.

A social media post showed a photo of an unidentified girl found dead in Bulacan. The Obando police had posted two pictures and sought help in bringing her to her family.

The Galicio family's worst nightmare had come true: the girl in the photo, lying face down on the ground in Brgy. Tawiran, Obando, Bulacan was Nercy. They recognized her through her clothes.

The family hurriedly went to Obando to try and claim the body. It was not easy- they had to pay the morgue a "pullout fee" of P15,000.00, money that the family did not have at the time.

Thankfully, a "good Samaritan" came and shouldered all their funeral expenses to ease their burden.

The family is at a loss on who could have killed Nercy. The manner of her death- abducted, shot multiple times, hit in the head, and then dumped somewhere- was a grim ending to a life filled with cheery Facebook posts, heart emoticons, and Hello Kitty.

In the funeral house, Nercy's body had her Hello Kitty socks on. It was just one in her vast collection, from clothes to towels and robes to blankets and trinkets.

In saying goodbye, Nercy's family and friends made sure she left in a way as colorful as she had lived her short life.

Her white casket was adorned with Hello Kitty stickers, balloons and toys, with a Hello Kitty curtain as the backdrop.

Like most families who lost loved ones to unexplained killings- now seemingly a daily fare- the Galicios feel they may never find justice.

There is no suspect. Not even a lead. They don't have resources to pursue Nercy's killer. They have accepted that the poor will always have less in life.