WATCH: The scary first trailer for Kim Chiu's 'The Ghost Bride'


Posted at Oct 13 2017 06:59 PM

It's only fitting that Star Cinema dropped the first trailer for "The Ghost Bride" a day before Friday the 13th, with the film heavily borrowing an ancient Chinese superstition. 

The movie centers around a poor woman, played by Kim Chiu, who was forced to marry a dead person for money. In parts of China, it is believed to be bad luck for a man to die unmarried, hence why families find brides for deceased bachelors to wed post-mortem. 

Set for release at the start of November, the new flick is directed by Chito S. Roño, best known for local horror classics such as "Feng Shui." It also stars new Kapamilya Alice Dixson, who said that the project is a "dream come true" for her.