'Little Big Shots': Girl overcomes disability to excel in archery


Posted at Aug 13 2017 08:07 PM

Eleven-year-old Kat Kho may have been born deaf, but this did not hinder her from excelling in something she loves - archery.

Kat, together with 10-year-old Basti Santos, showcased their talent in archery on Sunday's episode of "Little Big Shots."

According to their mothers, archery helped both Kat and Basti improve their personality. It also helped them gain friends.

"Little Big Shots" is the Philippine adaptation of the US hit TV show of the same name, created by Ellen DeGeneres and hosted by Steve Harvey. 

It is a showcase of cute and talented kids from all over the Philippines and around the world. 

Hosted by Billy Crawford, "Little Big Shots" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Goin' Bulilit."