Here are all the details of the Kim Chiu-John Herrera controversy


Posted at Jun 14 2018 04:05 PM | Updated as of Jun 14 2018 05:19 PM

Fashion designer John Herrera recently accused Kim Chiu of rejecting the gown he made for her (right). The two have since patched things up. @chinitaprincess and @johnherrera on Instagram

MANILA – All’s well that ends well.

John Herrera and Kim Chiu were able to patch things up after the award-winning designer accused the Kapamilya star of rejecting the gown he made for her to wear at the FAMAS Awards.

Here’s a look at what happened:

It all started last June 6 when Herrera gave an exclusive interview to the entertainment website Pep. 

Here, Herrera revealed that he was tapped by FAMAS (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences) to create outfits for the hosts of its awarding ceremony – Chiu, Robi Domingo, and Piolo Pascual.

He said his staff then coordinated with Chiu’s team. After his sketches were approved, the staff took the actress’ measurements.

The gown was sent to Chiu’s house for fitting last June 6, according to Herrera, but things did not go as planned.

“My staff was not even allowed into her village. Her team said we just leave the gown sa guardhouse,’” the designer lamented.

Citing his conversation with Donna Sanchez, who is part of the production team of FAMAS, Herrera continued: “Sabi daw ng team ni Kim, iwan daw ‘yung gown sa bahay ni Kim para pagpilian. ‘Pag bet niya suotin, go. Pero ‘pag ayaw, hindi susuotin.”

“[I told Donna] ‘This is not how I do business.’ Kaya ako nag-submit ng sketch, because I want everything clear.”

Herrera then expressed his frustration over Chiu’s supposed “diva” attitude, which prompted him to back out.

“I was wrong in thinking she is not a diva anymore. FAMAS kasi kausap ko. I heard she does this with sponsors [and] designers. I didn’t think until now ganito pa rin siya. Lesson learned. Grabe,” he said.

During the FAMAS Awards held last June 10, Chiu ended up wearing two different dresses – one by Benj Leguiab, and another by Steph Tan.


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A post shared by Kim Chiu 🌸 (@chinitaprincess) on

Herrera said the organizers of FAMAS “apologized so much” over the aborted fitting, which left him greatly frustrated.

“Gastos, time and effort,” he said, adding, “That gown is worth P100,000. I’ll sell it na lang to others who would value it.”

Here’s a look at the gown Herrera made for Chiu:


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The controversy involving Herrera and Chiu blew up days after the interview, prompting stylist Patty Yap to react on behalf of the Kapamilya star. 

Yap reiterated that she never had a problem dealing with Chiu every time she dresses her up for an event, saying that what happened was a case of miscommunication between Herrera and the FAMAS organizers.

Here’s a look at Yap’s statement, which was published by Pep last June 11:

“Hello! I would just like to clarify the John Herrera issue. First of all, as mentioned, I did not commission him for this project. I believe he had arrangements with FAMAS about providing gowns and suits for the FAMAS hosts. 

“Secondly, it was absolutely okay with Kim to wear his collection, but it was John who backed out, as mentioned on his last message.

“Lastly, I believe the miscommunication was with FAMAS and not with Kim’s camp as he was coordinating everything with them, including the fitting schedule, as mentioned by him and the FAMAS representative. Kim is totally unaware of this; all she knows is there’s a gown from John.

“As Kim’s stylist for three years now, I can wholeheartedly say that never did once Kim exhibit any negative attitude as to what to wear or not during an event. I understand John’s dismay, and we have so much respect for him, but I hope this clarifies the matter. Thank you.”


Hours after Yap’s statement was published, Chiu took to Twitter to reach out to Herrera, saying she hopes to meet him personally to patch things up.

“I hope this clarifies everything, sir,” she said. “And I really hope to meet you personally, not through your Pep statement or with a third party.”’

“We are only doing our job which is our passion. Much love and respect, sir.”

Chiu’s words did not fall on deaf ears as Herrera responded to her, also via Twitter.

He said: “Thank you for the love and respect. We at John Herrera value our work as much as the women who wear them. We wish you only the best.”