Gretchen Barretto: 'Opo, kabit ako'


Posted at Jun 11 2018 08:22 PM

Gretchen Barretto is technically a mistress.

This was the actress' candid admission during her Instagram broadcast over the weekend, where she apologized over a viral video of her and a couple of friends laughing as they read a letter requesting for help as part of Barretto's social media charity drive.

Referring to her friends, and the letter sender, Jo-Ann Mula, Barretto said: "We apologized po after laughing that night. This is between me, Patty Pineda, Mimi Que and JMula. It was very rude I admit. It was inappropriate, very un-ladylike for us to behave that way."

"Sorry po, 48 years old na po ako and I should be behaving my age," she went on, as quoted by Push. "But sadyang immature pa din po ako and I am very sorry. I would like to make a public apology po, although Jo-Ann Mula accepted our apology that very night."

The backlash to the viral video did not stop at criticizing Barretto's actions in it, however. Some got personal, and went as far as calling Barretto a "kabit," or mistress.

Barretto has been in a relationship with businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco for over two decades. They have one daughter together, 23-year-old Dominique. Cojuangco's marriage to his first wife has yet to be annulled or divorced.

Addressing critics who brought up her personal relationship, Barretto said: "Aaminin ko, for the past 23 or almost 24 years, opo, kabit po ako ni Tonyboy Cojuangco. I never denied it.

"If you threw that at me five years ago, maglulupasay po ako. Halos magpakamatay po ako sa sakit sa aking dibdib 'pag tinatawag niyo akong kabit. But right now, after 23 lovely years with my Tonyboy, you can call me 'kabit' and I will tell you, 'I am happily his kabit. I am happily his mistress.'"

Referring to Cojuangco as a man who "loves me unconditionally," Barretto went on: "Yes, it is true. Maybe I will never be married with him. Maybe he will never marry me. Maybe I will never have that dream to walk down the aisle and have that fabulous gown. But who cares? I have a very flawed life, a flawed relationship, but I'm happy.

"He understands me fully, he loves me fully, and in his eyes, I can do no wrong. So who am I to complain? Life isn't perfect. Hey, where we live right now, it's not heaven, you know. And I'm not the only one who lives an imperfect life."