'Greatest Love' finale sends powerful message about family


Posted at Apr 21 2017 07:10 PM | Updated as of Apr 21 2017 07:18 PM

If one had to form a list of things to expect from the finale of "The Greatest Love," more tear-jerking moments would have been on the top of many. 

That's basically what viewers got: a series of monologues and eulogies that drove home the point of the importance of family, each one helping form a rose-tinted mosaic of the lessons left behind by Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez), an idyllic mother who would sacrifice anything for the sake of her children. 

It was a fine conclusion to the painfully honest story about the horrors of Alzheimer's. Despite being a rape victim, Gloria faced life with a kind of indelible positivity. It allowed her to raise her kids well and spoil them with affection, even if they were at first ungrateful -- one of the series' early melodramatic plot points. 

But when her dementia hit, causing her to forget even her dark past at the expense of more pleasant ones, she was reduced to a stammering, distant version of her cheery self. It banded her kids, making them realize that time is limited and the only way for a person to live past their lifetime is through shared memories. 

This was shown in the closing scenes of the finale, which saw the series lunge forward years after Gloria's death. Her family was revealed to have arranged a home care facility for Alzheimer's patients. 

"Our mom had Alzheimer's," shared Amanda (Dimples Romana), Gloria's eldest. "Pero beyond the illness, mayroon po siyang iniwan sa amin -- iyan ang napalawak niyang pagmamahal." 

She echoes the main theme of the series, which was ultimately a testament to the lasting impact of a mother's love, told via a narrative about rising above past ordeals, facing challenges together as a family, and the brutal reality Alzheimer's patients have to deal with every single day. 

A powerful reminder to treasure each memory and to create new ones, "The Greatest Love" left viewers smiling, saying that a show about forgetting will be remembered for a very long time. 

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