'Greatest Love': Gloria's death breaks hearts


Posted at Apr 20 2017 06:28 PM

And so, after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's, Gloria, played by Sylvia Sanchez, dies. 

Any fears that the show would sugarcoat its conclusion by having her somehow surpass her dementia were quickly dispelled. Throughout its six-month run, the series had been chock-full of tear-jerking moments but Thursday's episode was perhaps the most devastating. 

Unable to speak properly, Gloria, left paralyzed by a stroke, whispered to her kids she loves them before dying. It was a gentle, peaceful way to go -- fitting for a woman whose whole life had been anything but. 

Forced to marry a man who raped her, Gloria lived in constant fear -- fear of the consequences should the truth come out, and fear that her family will be torn apart because of it. Her Alzheimer's made her forget about these anxieties, but her life soon became an endless, cruel cycle of remembering and not. 

Along her journey, the show's main theme was revealed: the earlier drama about rape and adultery aside, this was ultimately about a mother's love and the lengths one would go through to keep their family together. 

The penultimate episode suggested that Gloria knew who her children were when she closed her eyes for the last time, but that did little to take away the sting of her death. Even if one saw it coming from a mile away, it's still upsetting to see a mother leave her kids behind, unable to even hug them goodbye. 

And speaking of the Alegre kids, Matt Evans once again shone as Andrei, Gloria's gay, make-up artist son whose love for his mother is something very few can match. His scene where he applied lipstick to Gloria's dead body while in tears, and him being the only one of his siblings who knew Gloria's favorite brand did well to illustrate their closeness. 

Once again, the show was the most talked about topic on Twitter, with many praising it for doing such a good job not only in its faithful recreation of the ugly, painful effect a disease such as Alzhemier's, but also its portrayal of familial love. 

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