Fans assure 'scared' Anne as she opens up about body change


Posted at Apr 17 2018 05:40 PM | Updated as of Apr 17 2018 10:33 PM


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Fans of Anne Curtis flooded the superstar with encouraging comments on Twitter Tuesday, as the "It's Showtime" mainstay revealed an insecurity about her body which she has since learned to embrace.


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Curtis, 33, told her nearly 11 million followers on the social platform: "Just need to share! I'm so kilig. So, when I started running, the form of my legs started to change. I gained a lot of muscle. And in the beginning I was kind of scared as to what people might have to say as I'm on TV everyday where the camera angle isn't always flattering."

With a 20-year career in showbiz, Curtis has long been a familiar face to television viewers. Notably, she became a household name whose career skyrocketed when she joined ABS-CBN's "It's Showtime" in 2009. For a greater part of her career as an adult, Curtis also became a sought-after fashion model, bringing to view her lithe frame. 

But for some seven years now, Curtis' physique, by her own admission, has become more muscular, thanks to her passion for running.


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Having joined numerous international marathons -- her London stint will be in a few days -- Curtis has even organized a few of her own for charitable causes, notably one for UNICEF in 2015.


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Referring to her insecurity about how running has changed her body, she tweeted: "I decided to not care. I love running so much. And to my surprise, sa last Instagram post ko, where you can clearly see my defined calves and thighs, instead of comments such as. 'Ay, ang laki ng pata,' I see more comments like, 'Calves,' 'Thighs look strong,' 'Toned legs.'"

Curtis was talking about her post about her makeup brand, blk Cosmetics, which is set to open its first headquarters. In that post, she posed beside blk's logo, wearing what appears to be a short skirt that exposed her legs.


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"Thank you! Times are changing!" she wrote on Twitter. "People are learning to respect each and everyone's body type. So to anyone who may be going through a challenge or doubt about their bodies. Don't care what other people say as long as you love your body and you are taking care of it!"

Aside from the responses on her blk Instagram post, Curtis series of tweets had many of her fans thanking the actress for her encouraging words, saying they can relate. Several also sent assuring words to their idol about their appreciation for her regardless of her physique.