WATCH: Carmen dies in 'Ang Probinsyano'


Posted at Apr 06 2016 10:25 PM | Updated as of Oct 10 2016 01:12 PM

MANILA -- Held captive for days, Carmen (Bela Padilla) finally found a way to escape from armed guards.

Joaquin's (Arjo Atayde) father had her kidnapped because she knew about their family's criminal activities.

Although her husband tried to convince Tomas (Albert Martinez) to spare her life, Carmen already knew a lot about family's illegal businesses. She also revealed that she never loved Joaquin, and she only married him out of pity.

WATCH: Joaquin begs father to spare Carmen's life.

It also dawned upon Carmen that Tomas must have had something to do with Ador's death. Her late husband was a target of the syndicate.

Even though her hands were tied and she had not been fed for days, she drew all her strength to confront Tomas.

"Ikaw ba ang pumatay sa asawa ko? Ikaw ba?" Carmen screamed.

Without any hesitation, Tomas faced her and slapped her with the truth.

"Hindi ako, kundi ang lalaking pinakasalan mo," he replied.

Anger and regret filled Carmen. She married the man who murdered the love of her life and the father of her only son.

Although she wanted to hit Tomas, she saved all the strength in her body. She must escape and live to tell the truth.

When Tomas left the room, Carmen found a way to escape. Then this happened: