‘Pusong Ligaw’ finale reflects value of genuine friendship


Posted at Jan 13 2018 12:49 AM

"Pusong Ligaw" was always going to be about friendship. 

The drama, which aired its finale on Friday, had repeatedly battered that theme with secret affairs and revenge plots, testing to see if there's a point where Tessa (Beauty Gonzalez) and Marga's (Bianca King) bond would break beyond repair. 

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So naturally, the show ended driving home that point. While at times they did grow apart, thanks to the rather typical trope of fawning over the same guy, when it mattered the most, Marga did not hesitate to jump in front of a gun to save Tessa's life. 

The episode begins right after the reveal that Jaime (Raymond Bagatsing), Tessa's psychotic ex-lover who is now hellbent in killing her, had faked his death. He kidnaps Marga's kid and uses the boy as a bargaining chip against Tessa, whom he professes to still love. 

Making sacrifices is key to any lasting friendship, and "Pusong Ligaw" takes the ultimate route in showing that. After Jaime grows impatient with not getting what he wants --the quiet life with her-- Tessa takes a bullet that is supposed to be for Marga's kid. 

This happens just as Marga is about to bust inside the room they are in. Seeing Tessa bloodied and Jaime about to fire the fatal shot, Marga selflessly pushes her best friend away, saving her life although at the cost of her own. 

Her death is revealed in the end at Tessa's fashion show. 

It has always been Tessa's dream to hold one, and it was Marga that kept her from giving up when they were teens. And the scene where Marga's daughter, Vida (Sofia Andres), is seen walking the runway is made more poignant if one knows that Marga's lifetime goal is to become a model. 

"Naabot na natin ang mga pangarap natin, Marga," says Tessa after bringing down the curtain on her fashion show and the series.