'Chubby ka na!' How pregnant Saab responded to 'mean' comment


Posted at Jan 11 2018 05:04 PM | Updated as of Jan 13 2018 10:31 PM


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MANILA - Saab Magalona, who is expecting twins with her husband Jim Bacarro, admittedly had to control her temper when she became the receiving end of a "mean" comment about her weight.

On Instagram, the 29-year-old vocalist of Cheats recounted how someone recently greeted her with, "Ay, naging chubby ka na!"

The individual, whom she did not identify, "said it with a frown and with a disappointed tone." Prior to their most recent encounter, Magalona said that person had earlier told her, upon learning of her pregnancy three months ago: "Sana ganyan ka lang, huwag ka nang tumaba."

"It took so much for me not to snap at her," Magalona said of their latest meeting.

She managed to calm down and only responded five minutes later, saying, "You know, you really shouldn't tell people — especially pregnant women — that they’ve gotten fat. It's very mean."

Magalona did not stop there. "I explained to her that we have no choice but to gain weight (recommended 35-45 lbs for twin moms like me) for the safety of our babies and we’re already feeling self-conscious about it," she added.

The woman, Magalona shared, did "apologize profusely and even sent me a text message hours later, thanking me for educating her about being more sensitive."

Reflecting on the encounter, the daughter of late OPM icon Francis Magalona mused that people have different approaches to communicating.

"I'm glad I controlled myself even with the hormones because I trust that most people don't intend to be mean," she said. "They're just pretty dense and that's their version of chikahan or bonding."

She closed, in jest: "I hope God can give me more patience not to bite people's heads off!"

It was in late September last year when Magalona revealed her pregnancy. It is unclear when she and husband Bacarro are expecting the twins, but on Twitter, Magalona revealed she is no longer allowed to travel until after she gives birth.

This medical advice, she added, caused her to miss her sister Maxene's Boracay wedding Thursday, where the older Magalona was supposed to render duties as matron-of-honor.