Blink and you’ll miss it: Is Jacintha, Malia from the future?


Posted at Jan 10 2018 11:12 PM | Updated as of Jan 10 2018 11:22 PM

MANILA -- The real identity of Jacintha, portrayed by Angel Locsin in "La Luna Sangre," has long been shrouded in mystery, but now some fans believe they may finally have the first solid hint, which even goes with a popular theory.

Jacintha is Malia from the future, so the theory goes. Malia, portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo, is the daughter of Lia, also played by Locsin in the series' first week. This led viewers to believe that Jacintha was merely Lia returning after a vague death scene.

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But with Wednesday's episode of "La Luna Sangre," the theory that Jacintha and Malia are one person got an affirmation of sorts, at least to some fans online.

Whereas the episode on Tuesday showed Jacintha's signature red cloak falling to the ground as she disappeared, the extended version of that scene on Wednesday briefly focused on Locsin's face being overlaid with what appeared to be Bernardo's features.

On Twitter, viewers were quick to note the seconds-long transition, with many instantly recognizing Bernardo and Locsin's faces overlapping.

Many took this as a hint that Malia is indeed Jacintha from the future, with Jacintha somehow managing to travel through time to fulfill her mission of preventing Sandrino's (Richard Gutierrez) evil plot to succeed, starting with Tristan's (Daniel Padilla) vampiric turn.

The seeming nod to the "future Malia" theory likewise triggered speculation that this would not be Locsin's last "La Luna Sangre" appearance, despite the actress having said goodbye to the show's cast and crew through social media.