9-year-old Korean boy steals mom's car, wrecks 10 vehicles


Posted at Jul 12 2018 09:02 PM

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In South Korea, a joy ride didn't turn out to be so joyful.

Authorities say a 9-year-old boy stole the keys to his mother's car and drove for about 7 kilometers without any adult supervision.

No one was harmed in the incident, but 10 cars did end up wrecked in the boy's nearly hour-long drive.

The boy said he just wanted to try his hand at driving because he enjoyed playing racing games.

This isn't the first case of a child driving unsupervised on Korea's roads.

Just a few days ago, an 11-year-old hit a pedestrian while driving in Jeju Island.

- The Bureau, ANC, July 12, 2018