Mother, kids graduate from UP at the same time


Posted at Jun 23 2018 08:28 PM | Updated as of Jun 23 2018 08:32 PM

A mother is set to graduate with her children from University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman on Sunday.

Lorelei Aquino, 44, needed to balance her time between being a parent and attending university for two semesters before earning her Business Management degree.

Calculus was the only thing that held her back from obtaining a diploma in 1994.

"When two of our children were about to graduate in the same university that brought me and my husband together many years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll Math 100. I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if the three of us all graduate at the same time?" Aquino wrote on her blog.

"Going back to school had not been easy for me, though. It was, in fact, extremely difficult and challenging."

Aquino, who is from Bulacan, first enrolled at UP Clark in Pampanga. As she went back to school, she enlisted the help of her son as tutor.

"I also had to endure the humiliation of being tutored by my son. I knew that it was equally hard for him (he was often my shock absorber cum emotional punching bag especially when I would get frustrated due to a difficult lesson) but, as a parent, I had been used to doing the teaching to my children. It should not be the other way around," she said.

However, she was still unable to pass the subject. With her husband and children's encouragement, she re-enrolled at UP Diliman.

"I found comfort in my husband and children’s assurance that there was no shame in what happened. I did my best, and that was what’s most important, they said," she wrote.

"In hindsight, I realized that if my teacher gave me an undeserved passing grade out of pity or sympathy, my high regard for UP would be shattered."

Aquino went to a one-hour class four times a week in UP Diliman.

"My children could take as many as seven subjects in a sem, and I would expect them to bring home impeccable grades, while there I was, allowing myself to abandon my long-time dream of earning a diploma, to give up the fight even before it started, to be daunted by the obstacles that a single subject entailed," she said.

"And so, with my children as my inspiration, I went ahead and kept going."

Aquino is set to graduate with her children, who will both finish with Latin honors.