Gel promising to cure ‘horniness’ contains labels that should arouse suspicion


Posted at Mar 29 2018 08:49 AM

Products containing confusing, misspelled labels should raise alarm bells among buyers, especially if the sales pitch is a guarantee to temper a person's libido.

So authorities have one advice to unsuspecting consumers — control your urge to buy said items.

The Bureau of Customs on Wednesday discovered counterfeit beauty and skin-care products, one of which promises to supposedly keep one's sex drive in check. Or maybe not.

"Clean out horniness whitening" and "one minutes dispel horniness" are some of the spellcheck-challenged labels written on the product, presumably a "papaya whitening peeling gel."

It vows, written without spaces between words, "miraculous effects restore your beauty and keep your face glowing with health." Whatever that means.

The alleged whitening gel was found at a warehouse during inspection operations conducted by Manila police.

Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña warned the public to be cautious in buying cheap beauty products, especially those that contain "poor grammar and weird signage on the product's packaging."

He said they could contain hazardous chemicals.

Lapeña added that the public need to check labels for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and serial number.