Business Mentor: The Pros and Cons of a Home-based Business

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jan 13 2018 07:45 AM

More and more moms are starting businesses at home. With the cost of living these days, it makes sense for a homemaker to help out with the family’s finances by running a business of her own and becoming a “mompreneur.”

Since running a household requires management skills, this means mothers tend to be the best multitaskers in the world, which would help them in running a business. 

However, home-based entrepreneurship has its pros and cons and it may not be for everyone. Before you start setting up your home business, here are a few considerations.


1. You don’t need to commute to work. This saves you money as you don’t need to pay for fares, gas or parking. You also avoid traffic. 
2. You can work during your most productive times.
3. You don’t need to worry about what you have to wear—unless you need to talk to a client via a video call.
4. Distractions may be easier to control at home than in an office setting.
5. You can take a break anytime to breathe some fresh air when the stress level builds up.
6. You can have a more balanced life since you can still do the things you need to do at home while attending to your business.


1. You need to develop self-discipline. The home environment may make you feel lazy at times, so you need to motivate yourself everyday. 
2. The lack of physical contact with coworkers may make you feel lonely and isolated.
3. You may end up working more than you really need.
4. Your clients/customers may not find your home very professional.
5. You won’t get feedback from coworkers. 


1. Your skills and knowledge about the business
2. The right equipment
3. Your home situation
4. Personal character traits

You must decide on a business that you are sure you can handle. You must be firm with your decision once you have started your business. Wasting time and effort is the last thing you want to do.


1. Learn to set rules even for just yourself. Instill discipline as if you are working in an office. 
2. Focus on your clients and always think of ways on how you can improve your relationship with them.
3. But set your limitations by informing clients to transact only during business hours. After all, you also need some time to yourself and with your family.
4. Minimize distractions by establishing your office in a spare room or quiet corner that can be dedicated strictly to your business.
5. You don’t need to make your entire home look like an office. Don’t make your family feel like they have been pushed out of their own house.
6. Increase your credibility by making yourself visible. It would be easier for your clients and future clients to put trust in you when they see the face behind the business.
7. Don’t stop learning new things. Join workshops, seminars, and conventions that will help you improve your business.

Starting small is a wise idea as you will need less money to get up and running, with also fewer worries. But if you think that the business you started has potential, particularly when your clients provide you with positive feedback, take it as a sign that you may take your business to the next level.

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