WATCH: Why stains brought tears to these moms


Posted at Sep 18 2017 07:19 PM | Updated as of Sep 20 2017 04:50 PM

Moms have a prejudice on their kids when they are not around. They instantly think that their kids will do whatever they want—run around wildly, be naughty, and most of all, will be messy.

Most moms always want their kids to be clean. They initially get mad or frustrated with their kids when they see them dirty. But is dirt really bad for kids?

Breeze wanted to prove once again that dirt could be good for their children through a social experiment, THE FIELD GOOD TRIP.

The participants were brought to a farm in Antipolo, where hidden cameras and microphones have been earlier installed for surveillance. The kids had no idea that their moms were secretly watching from a hidden tents in the area.

As the experiment begun, one by one, the kids were introduced to an elderly lady who “accidentally” fell off her chair and into the dirt. Muddy as it was, the kids did not hesitate to help the elderly lady—even if their white uniforms will get soiled.

Upon seeing their children helping the elderly lady on their own, the moms inside the hidden tent were surprised, and touched, and couldn't help but cry. They were proud in knowing that with or without their supervision, their kids will do the right thing -- even if it means getting their clothes dirty.

Ultimately, the moms realized that not all stains are brought about by carelessness. Some are actually badges of honor brought by kindness, generosity, and chivalry. Indeed, it’s easier to wash away stains, than it is to bring up a good child.

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