Underrated qualities that women appreciate about men

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Posted at Jul 16 2018 11:59 AM

Good looks are not everything, because character can also influence other people's opinions about a person.

While good looks can reap lots of "hearts" on dating apps, winning--and retaining a heart in the real world can be much more complicated. Women don't only judge a man by looks.

There are certain qualities that many women appreciate about men. 

Here are some traits that can get men in women's good books:

1. Looks out for others 

In a fast-paced culture where everyone has his own business, it's refreshing to see someone who genuinely cares for others. It is a desirable attitude that women find adorable. 

Asking a person how her day went, holding the door, or making the mood lighter during tough times is just one of the many ways to show genuine care. You can also go an extra mile by volunteering to charity events, such as outreach and cleanup programs, where you can spend your free time more meaningfully. 

2. Responsible 

A person who has a sense of responsibility is attractive, because potential partners want someone they can rely on. Responsible people have goals and works hard to achieve them. He looks beyond the present, and he sees himself at the top of his field someday. 

It's fun to be with people who live in the moment, but it is reassuring to be with a person who has big plans in life, and is willing to take you to the top with him. 

3. Good at listening

Making small talk is easy. People will talk to you in bars, cafes, and long queues. But it's hard to sustain a conversation, especially if the other person doesn't show interest in the topic. 

A guy who is a good listener is sensitive and understanding. He tries to empathize with you and doesn't ignore the nonverbal cues you're expressing. He also inserts insights when asked, adds relevant topics, and doesn't judge easily even if you have opposing views. 

4. Straight forward 

"Torpe" may not be appealing. Women look for guys who know what they want and do everything to get it.

It must be emphasized that guys should how to accept rejection. Getting rejected is not the end of it. You can either be friends or just move on. What matters is that you tried, and you were able to express your feelings. You should have no regret. 

5. Well-groomed 

You may not be wearing high-end brands, and you may not have your own car. But if you are well-groomed, you can have the aura of a rock star. 

Grooming goes beyond clothing and haircut. You should smell good, look good, and feel good. To keep your hair strong, fresh, and clean, use a shampoo that's specifically formulated for men. 

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