ANGKAS hacks: Your guide to beating Metro Manila traffic


Posted at Jul 11 2017 08:13 PM

Everyone knows the daily commute in Metro Manila can leave a person drained, defeated and irritable. Is there a way to ease the drudgery? How can your commute be made better?

We’ve compiled three commute hacks that’ll help you make the best of your daily commute. Our friends from ANGKAS, an on-demand motorbike-hailing app, helped us put these together – as you can imagine, they spend a lot of time thinking about Metro Manila traffic.

Hack #1

Mood lifters: The right soundtrack and more

“Grace, I realized, is neither time- nor place-dependent. All we need is the right soundtrack.” – Josh Radnor (Liberal Arts, 2012).

Various studies throughout the years, like the research from Durham University in the United Kingdom and the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, have suggested that music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety. While traffic is not always avoidable, adding the right soundtrack or a pleasant distraction to lift your mood is entirely within your control, and will make carrying on with your trip much more enjoyable.

Other ways to divert your attention from traffic: Listen to a podcast or audiobook, or learn a language through your phone.

Hack #2

The miracle of managing your time (and expectations)

“Either the day runs you, or you run the day”- Jim Rohn

Relatively, it’s not just the length of the commute that causes stress but the unpredictability of time in traffic. This makes sense: an expected 30-minute commute that stretches to 50 minutes will enrage you more than if you’d expected an hour-long commute to begin with.

The smart hack is to give yourself an allowance whenever you commute. Plan your journey with crowdsourced navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps to get a realistic idea of your time in traffic.

Another hack for skipping the traffic stress is to simply avoid the rush hour. This isn’t a new concept: Waking up a little bit earlier will let you catch that precious window when there are fewer cars out.

Plan your week out carefully, too: Plot out your meetings and social engagements by area, and arrange those happening near each other on the same day to avoid crisscrossing all over the city (and to minimize time in transit).

Hack #3

ANGKAS: The street-wise commuting option (we just had to include this!)

There are times when venturing out during rush hour can’t be avoided, and urgent obligations will require you to get to a destination fast. It’s important to have alternative commuting options in Metro Manila, such as the motorbike.

Why a motorbike? The motorbike is faster and cheaper than a car, and it takes up less road space: ideal for the streetwise commuter negotiating Metro Manila’s vehicular congestion. ANGKAS has made these inherent advantages commercially available to everyone: through a smartphone app (iOS / Android), it connects commuters to a safety-trained, professional motorbike driver who can give them a ride.

How is it better? Cheaper than a taxi cab and faster than the jeepney or bus, ANGKAS provides motorbike transportation that gets you there faster. When cars are gridlocked, highly trained ANGKAS bikers can expertly filter through stationary vehicles, or find alternative routes that cars normally can’t pass through, effectively cutting down what would otherwise be a grueling travel time.

Is it safe? All ANGKAS bikers undergo thorough background checks, road and driving skills assessment, customer service training, and rigorous safety training. All riders are provided a DTI/ICC-certified helmet, face mask, hair cap, and personal accident insurance. Raincoats are provided to passengers in case of rain, making this a safe and convenient hack for beating the Metro Manila traffic.

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