'Egg freezing' helps women balance career, family dreams

Victory A.R.T. Laboratory Philippines, Inc.

Posted at Jul 05 2018 02:55 PM

Raising a family while securing career growth can be very difficult.

Juggling career and family without sacrificing the other aspects of one's life is tough. There are times when it is tempting to let one go.

However, medical advances have given women more options to plan out for both career and motherhood without compromising the other.

Take Anna Lam, 38, who was pressured by those around her to start a family, but wasn’t an option at the moment.


Lam wanted to be a mother, but was not in a position to get married yet. She was also then pursuing her goals for career and business advancement.

"I want to be a mother in my own time," Lam said.

She eventually learned about egg freezing, which would allow her the option of having children later in life by preserving her eggs.

She sought help from Victory A.R.T. Laboratory Philippines, Inc, one of the country's pioneering fertility treatment providers.

Through egg freezing, a woman can let her eggs be preserved until she is ready to have a child.

According to Lam, the move has helped her be confident in pursuing her dream of having children without the pressure of time.

"I love the feeling that I can be a mother at my own time. I am at peace with my decision to freeze my eggs," she said. 

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