5 signs you've found your ideal life partner

Sun Life Financial

Posted at Jul 03 2018 05:33 PM

While there is nothing wrong in setting high standards in finding the right life partner, it can indeed be challenging especially for someone who is picky.

But life partnership doesn't have to be romantic. You can make major life decisions with your mom, your dad, your sibling, your accountant, or even your financial advisor. You just have to share the same vision, mission, and life goals. 

If you are still unsure if you've already found the ideal life partner, here are some of the signs you can look out for: 

1. They understand your needs 

Each person has specific needs, which are usually determined by one's lifestyle, personal preferences, and goals. Your life partner must empathize with you. However, this does not necessarily mean your partner should always adjust to your needs. Rather, they should acknowledge your goals, and try to meet you in the middle. 

2. They genuinely care for you 

Genuine care goes beyond constantly asking if your day went fine or if you've already had supper. You know a person genuinely cares for you if they listen to what you have to say and also offer solutions to your problems. 

3. They never leave during challenging times 

Be it rainy or sunny, your ideal life partner will always be accessible to you. They will be beside you to give you comfort, and help you overcome the challenges you're facing. You can also count on them to help you stay positive during the toughest of times, through their guidance or support.

4. They are willing to take risks with you

Sometimes you have to take risks in order to step up and reach your goals. The both of you must have enough courage and shared trust to be able to overcome life’s challenges.

5. They have a clear vision of their future with you

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