6 simple ways to enjoy a stress-free commute


Posted at Jun 25 2018 01:19 PM

Exhausting long lines, jampacked vehicles, traffic gridlock, frustrating co-passengers, uncooperative riding apps, and the unbearable heat and pollution.

Commuters deserve a reward for surviving the daily commute in the city—like finally getting the ultimate solution for all their transportation issues. But since that would take time to happen, just practice these simple habits to make your trip less dreadful. 

Plan your daily commute. Check the traffic situation on your usual route. Explore other transportation options that could cut your travel time. Carpool with friends who are heading to the same place. And leave the house early to avoid getting late—in case of unexpected mishaps (like train breakdowns or flat tires).

Go for chic yet comfy outfits. It’s not wise to wear sky-high heels, layered clothes, or skin-tight garments while moving around the city—considering the long walks you might endure while commuting. Loose tops and trendy yet office-appropriate flats are your best option. Or just change clothes in the office to keep your style game on point—without sacrificing comfort. 

Find a commuting buddy. It could be a nice stranger you meet on the bus or a friend who takes the same road as you do. Sharing meaningful conversations with other people is one of the best ways to take your mind off the maddening rush hour.

Disconnect from social media. Mindlessly browsing through your online accounts will help kill time. But seeing #AdventureGoals posts from friends will only make you feel envious—since you’re stuck in the traffic while they’re out having fun. So stay offline for a while. Meditating or taking a nap might be a better idea. 

Listen to your go-to playlist. Block out the loud noises your co-passengers make with your fave beats. Pick songs that will inspire you to get through the traffic jam—like Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’. You’ll surely need upbeat music to keep your cool amidst the hassle.

Never forget your carry-on commute essentials. Pack snacks and a bottle of water to stay full and hydrated while traveling. Have a portable fan to beat the heat. Bring a powerbank to recharge your phone. Better be prepared than sorry, right?

Double up on skin protection. Long walks under the sun and exposure to urban pollution while commuting harm the skin—but it could be avoided by making skin city-ready with Vaseline Healthy White Sun + Pollution Protection. It has SPF 24 PA++ that helps block the sun’s UV rays and Pollution Protection Formula (PPF) that fights environmental pollutants. Apply it rigorously before leaving the house so you won’t have to worry about getting damaged skin ever again.

Take these tips to heart to survive the crazy city commute like a pro!

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