WATCH: Kathryn Bernardo on making changes that brought her to success


Posted at Apr 19 2017 07:52 PM

MANILA -- From "Teen Queen" to Full Fledged Woman. That's the transition that Kathryn Bernardo went through in the past years.

Now a charming 21-year-old , Kathryn has become one of the biggest stars today, with a string of hits both on TV and the movies.

The former "Goin' Bulilit" cast member has grown to become a fine actress in films like "Barcelona: A Love Untold" and her latest, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. She has also starred in the phenomenal remake of “Pangako Sa’Yo”.

Indeed, much has changed for this young woman.

But Kathryn's journey wasn't a walk in the park. It was also full of obstacles and frustrations. All these, she successfully overcame by making a change in herself.

"With our changing world, hindi rin dapat tayo tumigil sa pag-improve sa sarili. And that change begins with me," says Kathryn, with conviction.

Kathryn believes that change involves stepping out of one's comfort zone. "Every change can take you further," she mused. "There's nothing to be afraid of! You just have to keep trying! Own it. Believe it."

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