5 ways to avoid dry, frizzy hair


Posted at Apr 15 2018 03:44 PM | Updated as of Apr 17 2018 11:52 AM

The Philippines' humid weather, while perfect for those on a beach getaway, can be annoying for people stuck in the relentless heat of the city during summer.

It can be especially tough for those who want to have a sleek, frizz-free look as they go about their daily lives, because humidity can wreak havoc on one's tresses.

Aside from humidity, hair texture can also be affected by improper hair care routine. One may just lose the fight against frizz over the failure to maintain the hair's natural moisture. 

Here are some hair care no-nos that should be avoided to prevent dry, frizzy hair:

1. Use of hot water on hair

A hot shower in the morning may feel good and relaxing for the body, but it will not do your hair any favors. Hot water can have harsh effects on the scalp and hair, stripping it of natural oils that keep it from drying out, thus causing it to frizz.

It is best to use lukewarm or cool water when washing hair to maintain natural oils, and to trim down shower time to avoid soaking hair for a long period.

2. Constant heat treatment

Hot oil treatment and hair styling tools like flat iron and blow-dryer use a lot of heat to straighten the creases of the hair. While it can be convenient to achieve straight hair by using these treatments and tools, a lot of women don't realize it won't guarantee a silky finish. 

More so, when overdone, these hair styling tools can even damage the hair, causing it to frizz. 

Experts recommend air-drying the hair instead, or using a diffuser on blowers to minimize the effects of heat. One should also avoid frequent ironing of hair. It is recommended that it be done no more than once a week. 

3. Overdoing hair color 

Hair color, while exciting for the adventurous or essential in covering up gray hairs, can also cause dryness and thus frizzy hair. 

Excessive amounts or frequent hair dyeing makes the hair lose its essentials oils, which are necessary to maintain silky straight hair. 

Trying too many shades in a short period of time can also cause frizz. Most of the commercially available hair coloring products contain various chemicals that can also disrupt the retention of natural moisture of the hair. 

Similar to the usage of hair styling tools heavy on heat, experts recommend managing the frequency of hair coloring too.

4. Use of a rough towel

Rubbing and wrapping the hair up with a rough bath towel can strip moisture out of the hair easily and cause frizz. The friction from rubbing hair with a towel can also cause clumps. 

Most girls are guilty of this. So to save tresses from damage, it is best to switch to a microfiber towel. 

5. Wrong use of products (or too much of it)

While some think it best to apply several good products to their hair to get the best results, experts say otherwise. 

Hair care products are usually formulated to focus on achieving a particular result, so combined use of several products can have mixed results, and can even result in frizzy hair.

A good shampoo and conditioner are enough to lay the foundation for a fantastic mane, which can then be styled to suit any occasion.

This summer, be more confident to go out in the sun and run against the wind with your beautifully silky hair. 

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