5 things you probably didn't know about James Reid

Mountain Dew

Posted at Apr 15 2018 04:30 PM

Often overlooked in favor of his good looks and acting talent, James Reid also has a passion for life and thirst for adventure that makes him more than just a matinee idol.

Acting is not all that Reid does--he also has pursuits and passions that go beyond his onscreen roles:

  1. Like many youngsters his age, Reid loves to play console games with his friends.
  2. Despite his busy schedule and many acting commitments, he makes time for short trips to the beach.
  3. Music is one of Reid's passions. His debut album Palm Dreams was a passion project which allowed him to explore another side of his personality and expand his repertoire.
  4. Off-screen, the young actor indulges himself in photography. James has an eye for picturesque snaps, as seen on his Instagram feed.
  5. He is a gymnast and a swimmer. Little do his fans know, his love for these two sports started when he was a child.

Reid's varied interests, thirst for life, and athletic abilities can be seen in his new Mountain Dew commercial, where he is shown racing through the city on his bicycle, as a man parkours to catch up to him and his friends.

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Watch James Reid's newest Mountain Dew commercial here:

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