Dare to try a new hairstyle this summer? Check these top 6 choices

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Posted at Apr 05 2018 05:37 PM | Updated as of Apr 25 2018 04:48 PM

There is no better way to welcome a fresh and warmer season than to have a new stylish haircut and a vibrant hair dye. 

Because summer is a good time for going on vacations and out-of-town trips, people also take the hot season as the perfect opportunity to go for a beach-ready look. 

Summer look, however, is more than just showing off toned muscles and abs. This may be complemented by a visit to the salon for a fresh new look. 

From curls and bangs, to blunt cuts, to vibrant shades, here are the top 10 trendy hairstyles and hair color ideas to try this summer.

1. Wispy, blunt, and curtain bangs

Short hair paired with blunt bangs.

It may be old-fashioned, but bangs can just never be outdated. Whether you sport a long, mid-cut, or short hair, adding a set of bangs can completely transform looks.

This 2018, you can ask your stylist for longer and finer layers to achieve wispy and blunt bangs. If you wish to not cover half of your face with streaks of hair, you can chop your bangs in a long fringe so it can be parted in the center or swept to the side.

 2. Rose gold hair

Blonde hair paired with pink-tinted dye.

The rosy flush to a dull blonde hair is a perfect combination of colors for a new summer look. It is an exquisite shade of pink-tinted blonde that creates a radiant vibe which lights up your entire face, even without make-up. 

The natural rose gold tones bring out a glow to those who have dark skin, and a blooming blush to fair skin complexions. 

Experts say to keep a golden pink wearable, even in the office, remember to make it look seamless. It means it has to be well-blended, with no streaks or stripes of vibrant highlights.

 3. Bob and long-layered pixie cut

Pixie haircut with longer strands near the head crown.

If you are looking for a haircut perfect for summer travels, go for the usual bob cut and wear your hair above or just below your chin. To add flair, style it with some curls or natural looking waves. 

If you're adventurous enough, you can try the long, layered pixie cut. While short at the sides and back, long fringes can still be styled using gel or hair mousse.
4. Multi-toned platinum hair

Platinum hair in multi-tones at a closer look.

If you're bored of long black hair, and solid color dyes, the multi-toned blonde is one good option for you. 

Multi-toned hair is an upgraded and quirky version of the platinum blonde or ash blonde and grey hair. When outdoors, the light rays of the sun can make this hairstyle pop as it shines in a mix of colors, almost like a glittering kaleidoscope. 

5. Embellishments, low bun, and braids 

Fishtail braid from the head, to keep a cool look in summer.

Fighting off hot weather can be made easier with the braid trend and chic low bun styles that lets you stay fashionable yet comfortable. French and pigtail braids are low maintenance in humid weather, perfect while spending time on the beach. 

Low buns for short and midi-cut hair are also perfect for a summer trip, as these style can go simple or with embellishments such as with diamond pins or barrettes, or with a simple and long ribbon tie. 

6. Ultraviolet

Pantone's color of 2018, Ultraviolet in silky toned hair.

Those who like summer adventures can try this daring hair color shade, which happens to be Pantone's color of the year: the Ultraviolet. 

It's vibrant color will surely turn heads everywhere you go. 

Whatever color you want, whatever cut you need, this summer is the best chance to pursue a new look. 

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