5 bathroom habits every child should learn


Posted at Feb 26 2018 05:16 PM | Updated as of Mar 13 2018 03:11 PM

People usually begin and end their day in the bathroom: urinating right after they wake up, and cleaning up before they go to bed. 

This ritual may have stemmed from how we were reared, beginning possibly from the time we were being trained by our parents to take care of ourselves. 

Potty-training becomes moments for both bonding and disciplining between parents and children: a time to form trust, and an opportunity to teach about personal hygiene -- things that a child carries as he goes through life and matures into an adult. 

So if you must potty-train your child, here are some basic toilet habits and etiquettes you should not fail to pass on: 

1. Always wash hands after using bathroom 

Various types of disease-causing germs thrive in the bathroom. A child should learn to wash his hands before leaving the bathroom. This does not only protect him from acquiring germs, it also stops the germs from spreading to other parts of the home. 

2. Keep the toilet floor dry 

For safety purposes, the toilet floor must always be dry. Since bathroom floors are often tiled, they can be slippery when wet, and dangerous especially for children who like moving around. 

3. Always flush the toilet bowl 

For hygiene's sake, and out of courtesy to the next user, the toilet bowl must be flushed, freeing it from any trace of prior use. 

4. Be mindful of resources

Every child must learn to be mindful in using water, tissue paper, and soap. He must be made to understand the importance of avoiding wastage, and how to help protect the environment by not wasting water. 

5. Keep everything at the right place

To keep everything organized, you must also remind your child to put things where they should be. Soaps must be placed in the soap dish, and the tissue should always be in the tissue holder.

As mothers, we want our children to be self-reliant and responsible. Apart from training them how to use the toilet properly, we have to ensure that everything is clean from the floor to the walls. Only trust germ-killing cleaners like Domex for your toilet cleaning needs because Domex can kill all known germs dead.

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